The Experience

Step into the Mahle House

The two-story residential building of the Mahle House Restaurant painted in a light orange hue. The resturant features a balcony on the upper floor with black railings. A set of stairs leads up to the entrance, flanked by green bushes and potted plants.

The Mahle House is a second-generation restaurant, family-run since 1983, and a favourite for locals and tourists alike.

Established in 1983 by Chef Maureen Loucks and Delbert Horrocks (Tara’s mother and uncle respectively), the Mahle House is located in the farming community of Cedar, ten minutes south of Nanaimo.

The Orange House

The Mahle House Restaurant is situated in a restored Heritage Home built in 1904. Originally built as a farmhouse, our iconic building sets the stage for our unique combination of historical charm and modern culinary excellence.

The preservation and restoration of this heritage property allow guests to step back in time while enjoying fine dining in Cedar, BC.

With its original stained glass windows and hardwood floors, the Mahle House exudes charm and character from every nook and cranny.

Outdoor Garden Dining

The beauty of the Mahle House extends outdoors to our welcoming English garden, providing a serene backdrop for fine dining, special moments, and countless celebrations of life's milestones.

Rustic Tables From Historic Timbers

Our tables are made from 90 year old reclaimed fir timbers originally milled at Western Forest Industries sawmill in Lake Cowichan.

These timbers were actually used in the construction of the mill in the 1930s which was eventually dismantled in the 1970s. A group of local farmers from Cedar then salvaged the timbers to build barns. The timbers used in our tables came from Henry Haslam’s barn on Adshead Road.

The table wood was re-sawn locally by Kevin Trotter. The tables were then built right here in Cedar by Tobias Marcoux only a few hundred yards from the restaurant.

We hope you enjoy the rustic country feel and look of these tables as befitting our 1904 character home.