The Food

Dining at the Mahle House

Two round, golden-brown crab cakes topped with a colorful mix of diced vegetables and sprouts, served on a dark slate plate with dollops of creamy sauce and a decorative swipe.

Dining at the Mahle House means enjoying unique, flavourful meals crafted from locally-sourced ingredients.

Our Culinary Philosophy

West Coast modern, straightforward, and intentional.

We prioritize fresh, locally-sourced ingredients. We work closely with the Vancouver Island community, and partner with local vineyards, breweries, and farms.

The Mahle House welcomes both residents and visitors to experience our dedication to flavourful, unique food.

The Menu

Our dinner and drinks menu mixes time-honoured classics and innovative creations. Everything is prepared in-house to ensure the highest quality with a focus on freshness and flavor. Owners Stephen and Tara contribute to this freshness by cultivating many of the vegetables we use in their personal garden.

The culinary team at the Mahle House is always exploring new recipes and presentations. Chef’s Adventurous Wednesdays, a Mahle House tradition that goes back 25 years, embodies this idea.