Meet Our Team

Committed to Memorable Dining Experiences

A gourmet dish is presented on a round black plate, featuring thinly sliced radishes, cucumbers, and sprinkled herbs. The dish is garnished with delicate microgreens.

Our staff is comprised of family, friends, and industry professionals who are both passionate about the Mahle House and committed to delivering an outstanding experience to our guests.

The Restaurateurs
Stephen & Tara Wilson

Tara and Stephen’s story began in 1995 in Victoria, BC, where they were both wrapping up degrees at UVic while working at Camille’s restaurant. They hit it off, got married in 2000, and now have two kids, Maya and Jamie. In 2009, they took on the challenge of running the Mahle House and haven’t looked back.

Two people sitting at an outdoor table in a garden with lush greenery and red flowers in the background. The sky is clear, and it is a beautiful sunny day.
Stephen and Tara Wilson enjoy a moment in the Mahle House garden.

Stephen leads the kitchen team as Executive Chef. He's Red Seal certified and a certified Sommelier from the International Sommelier Guild. Titles aside, Stephen’s been everywhere in the restaurant world: server, wine guy, line cook, manager, executive chef, director of operations, dishwasher, grease trap cleaner... he's truly done it all. Stephen's our problem-solver, and – often to his dismay – the first one we call when something goes sideways.

Tara's the Mahle House’s Restaurant Manager and Wine Director. She grew up in the restaurant industry – a real lifer – and it was her mother and uncle (Maureen Loucks and Delbert Horrocks) who opened the Mahle House back in 1983. Tara started out as a dishwasher, and since taking over operations in 2009 with Stephen now runs the show. She’s got a deep love for everything to do with running a restaurant – the people, the food, the wine, you name it. She’s learned a lot from her family and from working with lots of pros over the years.

Together, Tara and Stephen have built a team that’s as passionate about great food and wine as they are. Their approach to running the Mahle House is straightforward: work hard, make sure everything’s top-notch, and keep learning every day.

The Management
Craig & Lindsey Brimble

The dynamic duo of Craig and Lindsey bring a solid 40 years of combined restaurant industry experience to the table at the Mahle House, and have become key figures in making the restaurant what it is today.

A couple stands outdoors in front of a lush tree with bright red flowers on the left side. They are facing the camera. The person on the left is wearing a black outfit with a tied waist, while the person on the right is dressed in a patterned blue shirt and jeans
Lindsey Brimble, Social Media Manager/Lead Server; and Craig Brimble, Dining Room Manager.

Now married for five years, they originally met working in a restaurant, which pretty much set the stage for their professional journey together. They’re all about creating a welcoming atmosphere and ensuring everyone who walks into the Mahle House feels like they're part of the family.

Craig is the Dining Room Manager at the Mahle House. He's seasoned in both the kitchen and front of house, always full of new ideas to improve the dining experience.

Lindsey is our Social Media Manager and Lead Server. She's an avid food tester, ensuring the ideas our chefs dream up is top-notch before it ever hits a guest's plate.

Their career paths have taken Lindsey and Craig both through both corporate chains and small local spots, but their heart lies with the latter. They're big on supporting local businesses, making it a point to shop locally both personally and professionally.

Well-rounded with experience in management, serving, and bartending, these two know their way around a restaurant. They both pride themselves on making guests feel at home with their approachable – and hilarious – demeanour.

Outside of work, Lindsey and Craig both find joy in spending time with their daughter and their wiener dog, as well as cooking together and exploring a love for food.

Josh Stuppiello

Josh is a fixture in the Nanaimo food scene, joining the Mahle House team in 2021, and quickly earning the designation of Restaurant Chef.

A man in a white chef’s jacket and striped pants stands with hands on hips in front of lush greenery and large white hydrangea flowers.

Josh’s extensive management experience and his way with people keep the team organized, productive, and cheerful.

Josh leads by example and with integrity – add a killer sense of humour and the best laugh, and it’s no surprise that he’s been such a welcome addition to the team. In his downtime, you can find him fixing up his new house, and spending time with his lovely fiancé and energetic puppy.